If you notice the same thing, switch to something really hot!

, much to the delight of a tonne of ladies in the audience, Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan.

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Caroline reckons that even a cheap meal costs around £30, which can add up in a country that’s known to be particularly social.

But you can’t escape the negative aspects of a move east.

There’s always the option of going out there, building up a portfolio and experience and returning to the UK at a later date.

Another massive boon is that you don’t pay tax, so it’s possible for expats to not only make but save a lot of money. ‘Grocery stores are typically the same price as in the UK, so if you are going to cook in lots it isn’t too bad – and anyway you don’t pay tax, so you are saving money in many other ways to when you live in England.’ What is slightly more expensive, however, is eating out and shopping.

Google ‘Dubai expats’ and you’re faced with headline after headline about gross, hammered Brits abroad, who drink too much, have sex on the beach, in taxis and club toilets, or land themselves in jail for dealing weed.

So how as a young woman in a conservative muslim country, how are you supposed to conduct yourself?

‘I had researched companies in Dubai before I moved over and managed to find a job really quickly.

It was so easy to get the visa approved.’ So far, so good. And once you’re on the career ladder, the pace doesn’t seem to slow either.

Tom’s quick lesson also provides a few handy tips when it comes to grilling fish such as the amount of seasoning you should apply, as well as how to check if the fish has been grilled to perfection.