Although shooting kept on after the sweet time, 4 girlfriends showed continuous cheers by understanding him with thoughtful mind.Their image of sending a look to each other in spare times seemed like a real lover~ Month: 【 AUGUST 】 080414 【 First Episode Broadcast of "Night Watch Man's Journal" on MBC at PM (KST) 】 092614 【 Lotte Hotel Fan Meeting in Busan, South, Korea 】 RE-SCHEDULE【 Jung Il Woo's Fanmeeting Titled "Il Woo Together" at Konkuk University's New Millenium Hall (Overseas Fans Are Welcome! Woo is a FREE dating app that helps you meet people who are similar to you in terms of lifestyle and interests. Go through their photos, bio, education & profession details, interests, lifestyle and passions. Like profiles that catch your fancy by tapping on the tick. If you aren’t sure, swipe to the next profile and you can always come back to reconsider.3. With the all new Tag Search on Woo, discover people based on things you value most.

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Enjoy the kissing and always look for new ways of kissing which will provide better satisfaction and more enjoyment for both, and to avoid it becoming a rather monotonous habit.

Alongside what everyone enjoys is what makes the other happy as well. Also try to be in private first until you realize what your date feels comfortable with.

If you really like someone, send a Crush to let them know you’ve liked them along with a direct message, even before matching!

You can also find people with common interests through Tag Search, or by asking or answering interesting questions.6.

LOLJung il woo: Actually, I’m so glad to spend time with you guys like this today and I’m so sorry that many other fans couldn’t be with us and that I cannot spend more time with you guys due to my shooting schedule…

You’re not thinking that you wouldn’t like to meet a boyfriend like me in the future, right? Jung il woo showed exciting shooting scene by playing jokes with his staff and checked on his girlfriends by wondering whether they were doing well.

Experiment with your partner and don't immediately get into too much passion as this can get in the way of your dating success.

After you've told your match how magical it feels with him/her with you and how beautiful he/she looks, try to experiment with what your date enjoys and not how it is meant to be for you.

His girlfriends responded with bright smiles at his smile that was shown from far away.