Terra Nova is Spielberg’s biggest TV show to date and uses some ideas from his 1990s blockbuster Jurassic Park.The series will employ state-of-the-art special effects similar to those used in hit film Avatar, which is why the budget is already so high.This season, Torv said, there will be some light shed on her past.

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Since returning to the UK, she's had parts in hit British shows such as Silent Witness and Heading Out, and this week stars in new BBC1 crime drama By Any Means.

However, as she chats to Saturday magazine about the gritty six–parter, she reveals that, as well as professional success, there have been exciting developments in her personal life, too.

Spielberg’s decision to cast Miss Conn is a surprise as she is only just making a name for herself in the UK.

She has had minor roles in Casualty and Mersey Beat, before building up her profile in ensemble shows such as BBC2’s Party Animals and BBC1’s Mistresses.

Now Torv has moved on to the Fox sci-fi thriller , which has enjoyed a successful first season so far and is poised to capitalize on that success with even more disturbing scientific cases that Torv’s character Olivia and her colleagues must work on uncovering.

Torv said her favorite scenes on the show are those that include physicality.“I love it when I’m in motion,” she said.” I love doing sort of the rough and tumble, running and gunning.I know that when we’re in the Lab, I just get to be the question machine.”**spoiler alert**Without giving too much away, Torv did give out some hints on what viewers can expect from Olivia and the rest of the characters in the finale episodes of the season, including a developed relationship with Nina (played by Blair Brown).“We actually had Blair in the FBI for an entire day, which was such a treat because usually we just shoot these scenes on top of these buildings, you know,” Torv said.After much speculation in the press as to whether she would marry her partner of 12 years, Jonathan Kerrigan, she tells us that she has indeed tied the knot, and that the low–key ceremony – kept under the radar until now – happened nearly two years ago.Not only that, but the 37 year old is now a mother to the couple's 16–month–old son, Oscar.The sizeable budget makes it one of the most expensive shows in broadcasting history.