Below is a list of our most popular ATI product support software drivers.

If your VBIOS version is not 2.28.00 or later, you have to update your BIOS, please contact your board maker or system provider to get BIOS update support.

A: Si S TV-out function supports both NTSC and PAL system.

Update the latest Uni VGA3 driver, you may download from Download Center.2.

Check your VBIOS version, go to "Control Pannel"-"Product information", and you can see the VBIOS information, please check if it is updated to 2.28.00 or later.3.

Drivers installed with this guide: Legacy Windows version: Windows 10 Home x64Laptop: Toshiba L500-1ZP (2010) I suppose the following steps should also work for graphics card considered legacy now for desktops.

However, do note that I applied these steps for my laptop which has a re-branded ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (HD 5650).

8: Select the model from the list that corresponds to your hardware - there were two of the same in my case so I just clicked the first - and click Next.

Afterwards the driver should install accompanied with several screen flickers.

If using Windwos 2000, there isn't a tap under Display Properties, Please set your display mode on 640*480 60Hz for NTSC, or 640*480/800*600 50Hz for PAL to get TV-OUT. The resolution will be adjusted automatically high than 640x480.