It is abundantly clear, from the druidic robes, secret sex ritual, and double headed eagle chair, that Kubrick was exploring the occult.

Kubrick is one of the greatest filmmaker in the HISTORY of cinema... Meanwhile, in this century, there's really no new masters really pulling themselves out of the mud. Kubrick was definitely one of (if not the) greatest filmmakers in history.

Obviously Kubrick was exposing too much and showing people how the rich and most powerful people spend some nights.

I don't think Kubrick was doing anything other than creating a scene in his film; the nature of the party is never confirmed, other than that we know it is a for very rich people to get their evil freak on.

I think he was probably using an admixture of all sorts of symbolism; there's a great interview with his production designer in Michael Ciment's book, The Definitive Kubrick and she had a great deal to do, working with him in selecting the film's aesthetic, particularly the aesthetic of that sequence.

The symbolism is obvious and undeniable and the way he presented all these questions and interpretations is just masterful and artistic.

Kubrick wasn't IN the Illuminati if there even is a such thing but i'm sure being as successful as he was he has seen quite a bit and felt people don't really know what's going on.

And this became proof that even critics misunderstood the movie as most viewers did and didn't grasp the underlying concepts and theme.

It is quite odd how he died all of a sudden right when this movie was pretty much being finished and ended up not getting final cut and putting the movie out how he intended.

Schnitzler's work and I think Kubrick's as well are more about exploring personal fears and anxieties than about exposing the global Illuminati conspiracy.