Over in Malibu, California, Pepperdine girls bask in 281 days of sunshine. Jude’s in two years, Pepperdine’s Tri Delta chapter pledged to raise million in five years—and then met their goal in only 3.5 years. Jude Children's Research Hospital & our commitment to service to our community. Jude is a passion each of our sisters share & we can't wait to show the PNMs how amazing this relationship with St. ✨ A photo posted by Tri Delta Pepperdine (@trideltapepperdine) on Sunshine and sports—that’s what Pepperdine girls know best.

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That means 281 opportunities for a beach day with these beauties as they work on their tan. Students Sarah Attar and Roxanne Barker competed at the 2012 Olympic games, while Dain Blanton won the gold medal in Beach Volleyball at the 2000 Olympic games. Looks like you might end up volunteering for their next fundraiser.

Il faut faire des pelures épaisses pour enlever la partie ligneuse qui se trouve sous la peau du céleri.

According to prosecutors, Francis had picked up the tab on widespread debauchery including a May 2008 "raging multi-day party, with a rotating carousel of prostitutes, during which the conspirators drank all of the Dom Perignon available at the Shangri-La" hotel in Manila at a cost of more than $50,000.

In one port visit by the USS Blue Ridge in 2007, historical memorabilia in the Mac Arthur Suite at the Manila Hotel related to legendary US Army General Douglas Mac Arthur "were used by the participants in sexual acts," the indictment stated.

WASHINGTON - A retired US Navy admiral and eight other high-ranking officers have been charged with corruption and other offenses in a sprawling bribery probe dubbed the "Fat Leonard" case, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Retired Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless, a Navy intelligence officer, is the second admiral to be charged in the case, which has now grown to include 25 named defendants.

Jenkins now works as a water quality standards scientist at the Department of Environmental Quality in Idaho and is looking into other Ph. A police officer and three other people were shot and killed when a domestic dispute at a bank escalated into shootings at three locations in northern Wisconsin on Wednesday, investigators said.

Janet Merlo, the lead plaintiff in a proposed class-action lawsuit against the RCMP " data-medium-file=" quality=75&strip=all&w=620" /A proposed agreement to compensate women who endured sexual harassment as employees of the RCMP has passed a key hurdle, with a Federal Court judge agreeing two lawsuits against the police force can proceed as a class action.

Malaysian businessman Leonard Francis -- dubbed "Fat Leonard" on account of his portly figure -- is at the center of the case and awaiting US sentencing after admitting his port-services company plied officers with cash, prostitutes and other perks to ensure US Navy ships stopped at ports where his firm operated.

In one incident, Francis hosted a dinner in Hong Kong at which Loveless and others allegedly gorged on an eight-course meal featuring black truffle soup, rock lobster salad, caviar, pan-seared duck liver and other fancy foods.

The University takes sexual harassment issues seriously and we acted promptly once [Jenkins] reported her concerns to us.” Swem’s attorney could not immediately be reached for comment. Jenkins, who was 29 at the time of the trip, said the 56-year-old Swem made sexually explicit jokes throughout the trip, took photos of her backside and repeatedly discussed his interest in a relationship with her over her objections. I was a driven person, a motivated person and I wanted that stupid job. She said Swem continued his advances when the two shared an office the following semester in Minnesota, and she reported his actions in November 2011. Tunheim instructed jurors this week that they had to determine whether the university “failed to take prompt and appropriate corrective action to end the harassment” once Jenkins reported her concerns.