The health promotion programs we implement target all employees, which has greater impact on productivity and lower health insurance premiums.

Imagine having the major health insurance carriers like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of CA, Aetna, United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente and many more compete to win your business by offering lower premiums. Click here to learn more about our health promotion programs and how that can have a dramatic effect on your health insurance premiums.

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You need a health promotion program that all of your employees participate in.

The problem with a traditional wellness program is that the healthy and active employees take advantage of the program, while the majority continues to live their unhealthy lives.

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In order to manage health insurance costs in the long run, a proper health promotion program must be implemented in the company.

And having a health promotion program is not enough.

While it is important to review your current plan against other carriers, it is not enough to stay ahead rising health insurance premiums.

Whether you have a plan with one health insurance carrier or multiple carriers, you need to have a different perspective towards health insurance benefits.

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