The first thing you should know is that a single mom or dad won’t have as much time to go on dates and just hang out as people without children do.

In most cases, a single parent will feel that their children should come first, and you need to respect that.

A lot of single parents will not want you to meet their children for a long time.

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Your partner will really need to think about their children when they are trying to decide if you are the right person to commit to.

They might need a lot of time to decide and you shouldn’t rush them into making a decision about it.

This being the case, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the struggles single parents face so that you can be a empathetic and caring partner.

It also makes sense, in the short-term to learn some tips for casually dating a single parent.

Recently I visited London and went to Speed Date event.

Quite interesting way to meet international peoples!

Have you heard about similar events in Riga (and also in Tallin)??

Maybe some times I'm not doing correct things, but I'm to old that someone trying to teach me how i should live....

In fact a recent CNN story suggests that there are nearly 12 million single mothers living in the US alone, assuming there is an equal number of single fathers that is nearly 10% of the adult population!