In addition, in a special limited-time offer, Direc TV Now subs can sign up for the 100-channel bundle for per month.

And, in what is sure to be an introductory discounted price, AT&T said HBO and Cinemax can be added to Direc TV Now packages for a month apiece.

Part of AT&T’s strategy with Direc TV Now is to reinforce its wireless business: The OTT service, as expected, will be available to AT&T wireless customers to stream free of data charges.

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It also doesn’t include DVR features, but Stankey said those are slated to be introduced in 2017 while the service at launch includes a 72-hour “catch up” feature providing on-demand access to recently aired programs for most networks.

The service also is launching without programming from CBS or Showtime, although Stankey downplayed the absence of CBS, saying it wasn’t a stumbling block in attracting the target demo for Direc TV Now.

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On Direc TV Now, the Taylor Swift Now channel will be devoted to the videos, concert performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and more from Swift’s archives.

It will be included with all of the Direc TV Now services, and will be launching in the next few weeks, AT&T said.

AT&T Entertainment Group CEO John Stankey billed Direc TV Now as “rules-free TV” for consumers who are cost-conscious and want the flexibility to stream channels across various devices.

The Direc TV Now pricing plans range from a month for a collection of 60-plus channels, a month for 80-plus channels, a month for 100-plus channels, and top out at a month for 120-plus channels.

The top tier (with 120-plus channels) includes eight Starz Encore channels, as well as Boomerang, Univision Deportes and El Rey Network.

Aiming to differentiate the service from conventional pay TV, AT&T is playing up exclusive content available on Direc TV Now.

Normally .99 per month, Fullscreen SVOD — which offers 1,500 hours of original and licensed programming — will be free for one year to AT&T wireless customers through Direc TV Now.