Do you mean that men are, in actual fact, more likely than women to be subject to (chemically-facilitated) manipulation and bad decision-making? than women, you won't quite the a mirror of the historical patriarchy.

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Do you maybe have any specific real-world historical patriarchal societies you'd like to mirror? This question is too broad, for a this narrow explanation. You're not looking at real life matriarchal societies properly.

Matriarchal societies function quite a bit differently, and men do not have such a great disparity in how their minds work.

Whether they do something or not is irrelevant, they're pieces of art in of themselves. to elaborate on what "a similar effect" would mean, you can also look at how bulls are treated historically - a small portion are kept as bulls for insemination and the rest are either gelded if needed for labor or slaughtered at a young age.

In addition even if a women did want to reproduce without having sex, I assure you no women would ever diminish herself by milking a male with her own noble hands! Who would want to raise and feed a male that's not particularly attractive?

All males may be put on starvation rations simply because there's no reason not to. It's your job as an worldbuilder to try to figure out what that value would be powerful in how it will shape society.

If your female magic is too strong, it will simply be a waste of time to raise a male.Evolutionary processes hate to see resources go to waste.If there's no particularly strong value to a male at all, then they will likely find themselves given extremely small resources to work with. On the other hand, if males do actually get a chance, that means they have some value to the society.Authority and ownership may rest in the women, but it is enforced by the men.Most importantly this actually just applies to the elite echelon of women. Due to availability of certain chemical substances that disproportionately affect the male brain, men are perceived as "easily manipulated" and "not to be trusted with important decisions".And an attractive male would still also be an attractive male.