The place is in the interior, 400 kilometres from Muscat, the capital of Oman. Though she tried calling him again on Saturday, he did not pick up the phone. The relatives back home got information that he was missing, from a newspaper report that appeared in a paper in Oman.The report said that a South Indian by the name John was robbed of money and was abducted by robbers.Next day, while I was in my office, she messaged me on ...

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Understood each other and finally decided to meet in the moth October.

Finally we got married in February with all ritual and c... I met my cutie on 23 may and I find her the cutest girl in this understandable and lovely girl.

We started talking in May, 2015 and eventually fell in love and very soon reached to the conclusion that we should get involved further and get married. It was very exciting moment for me to find out my dream girl .

We had liked each other profile and had sleepless night call.

They have not got any assistance from the owner of the petrol pump.

The car, work card and a mobile phone of John was found from the spot.

How I have decided to meet her ,it was very nice while we were talking o... I have seen her as my perfect match and both families were happy with this relation.

I was browsing through the profiles on and I could find an angel in the picture,thats when I thought of showing her interest.

The relatives and friends of John in Oman inquired about the incident and passed the information to the family here.