His ambition first drew him to LA at eighteen with two hit TV series.

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JJ: Has your family always been supportive of your acting pursuits? I mean, if anyone ever asked me to write an autobiography, 99 percent of the reason I’m doing what I’m doing is because of my family.

I never for a second had parents who were slightly doubtful of me doing what I do, particularly, if I may say, my mum. I did what I felt was right to do, so my mum and I were basically a team as I was growing up. ES: Well, the sad story about my bullying is that I changed schools really because I was surrounded by people who initially, I thought were my friends, and very sadly, these people who were my friends, supposedly, they fell victim to peer pressure.

Our teachers are essentially part of a cult, it’s quite a storyline. ES: We don’t know the time that it’s scheduled to air but I believe that it’s somewhere around February to April because they like to have it fairly close to the start of 2012.

The first series came out in February and it carried all the way through until roughly April, but this year we’ve luckily got 19 episodes rather than 16, so our fans have a lot more to look forward to, which is great.

Eugene Michael Simon is a British actor and fashion model and is best known for his roles as Jerome Clarke on House of Anubis and Lancel Lannister from Game of Thrones.

Eugene is a British actor, born and raised in the UK with strong Irish roots. A few weeks ago, the 19-year-old British actor sat down with Just to chat about everything from being bullied in school, kicking back with co-star Kit Harington, and his plans for celebrating Halloween. We’ve got a very big scene coming up, I assure you that you’ll be impressed! ES: From now until December it’s pretty much non-stop.Eugene was very open, honest, and insightful with his responses – you must check it out! Doing is based around the lives at boarding school for about eight, nine, ten teenagers — people come and go — and it revolves around these ten teenagers, firstly their social lives and how they deal with the social problems of being a teenager, but more importantly, the mystery within the boarding school, which is where the Anubis bit comes in, because the whole school is essentially a very, very old building that is filled with all these clues as to how to find an artifact that is called the Mask of Anubis.I’ve lived in London pretty much all my life, but we’ve been here now, as I said, for three months, and Liverpool really does feel like a second home, it’s a great place to live. I used to live with my family in a small cottage in Dorset and that was our refuge, where we would go to really have fun as a family.So London is obviously my home, I spend most of my time there.Now, I practically find myself every day in London living in our house and not really going anywhere else, so my childhood was definitely in Dorset and most of my time now is in London. Phillip’s in London – that was one of the happiest times in my life, it’s such a great school.