For more info on cheat codes and their effects on trophies, check the following link (credit to ILike Churros) Introduction Grand Theft Auto IV is not an easy platinum.You will need skill for the likes of "Genetically Superior" and "Fly The Co-Op", determination for the likes of "Endangered Species" and "Key To The City", and a sack load of patience for the likes of "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic" (herein referred to as AWP) and "Wanted".

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I recommend the following cheats for this DLC (dial the numbers into your cell): In total, there are 22 core ("main") missions in this DLC, and in terms of 'format' they do not differ much from the original GTA IV.

You will definitely run into Niko a few times, and there will be some overlapping in terms of plot between this DLC and the Ballad of Gay Tony, as they both take place around the same time.

**NB - One trophy that you would do well to try for during this step would be "One Man Army", see that trophy description for more details** Step 2 - Key To The City This entails obtaining 100% game completion of the single player mode.

To see what particular side missions and other activities contribute towards 100% completion, see the "Key To The City" Trophy Description.

Offline trophies are varied enough to stop the game from becoming repetitive, yet still asks for some serious dedication to achieving 100% completion of single player mode to unlock "Key To The City".

The Multiplayer trophies, if done legitimately, will truly be a remarkable feat but for reasons I will outline in the multiplayer section of this guide, you are strongly recommended to boost "Wanted" and certainly "AWP" Road Map Step 1 - Story Mode / Liberty City Minute.

Step 4 - Multiplayer Last but by no means least are the online trophies.

Over the years there have been many strategies come and go for the most efficient way to complete this section but it really comes down to whether you boost or play legit.

It is recommended that you end your story run by choosing the ' Revenge' mission thread close to the end.

Choosing the ' Deal' mission thread could disable your ability to obtain a trophy during Step 2.

You may find that you obtain some of these trophies during steps 1 and 2. "Liberty City (5)" can be a very confusing trophy for some so plenty detail has been put into that Trophy Description in particular.