Quick adjust parameters do not require a reflash to take effect, they require a key cycle, these parameters are available in a separate “Quick Adjust” menu item as well as in the modify parameters menu.

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Most of our provided tunes have already optimized the WOT spark values for peak power.

To properly dial in your timing using the Predator you need to log or monitor the following live data parameters.

The knock sensors can in rare cases pick up other harsh engine noises as well, if this is the case it is recommended to fix the cause of the noise before proceeding.

You always want the knock retard to read zero under wide open throttle conditions, it is normal for it to show some KR when stomping on the throttle and also during the shift.

Find a list of parameters which are available for many applications, along with a description of that parameter.

Parameters are application specific and not all parameters will show up on all vehicles.Most gas applications allow the end user to make changes to the commanded timing at Wide Open Throttle (WOT).This can be used to seek peak power on a dyno, or to adjust for spark knock or even to pull some timing for use with aftermarket N2O systems.This is used to calibrate the speedometer if you have changed to a different size (height) tire.The in Tune and Trinity offer 2 different options for entering the correct tire size for most applications.NOTE: The use of respective grade fuel should be used with tune choice.