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Despite the hype, the new reality TV show “Gigolos,” premiering tonight on Showtime, apparently does not show women paying to have sex with men.

figure with a vest over his pink torso sticks fingers from each hand up the noses of two naked victims, one male, one female, their legs bound behind their heads, the antics caught beneath a scribbled-y chandelier.

Hello, Do you know how much craze is there for gigolo's now a days.

That’s not to say that there aren’t women who pay to have sex with men, or even that these particular women haven’t paid male escorts for their companionship.

James claims that a number of the ladies who appear on the show had already “used the site” and were “happy with it.” (And he stresses that business is “really, really good.”) It’s just, as is always the case with reality TV, the line between fiction and reality is a very blurry one.

This certainly goes a long way toward addressing some of the confusion created by the show, which purports to follow the lives of four Las Vegas male prostitutes.

The New York Times’ Alessandra Stanley expressed incredulity over the whole premise: “Who in the world are these seemingly ordinary people — nurses, teachers and I. workers — who consent to have cameras record their sexual and legal deviances?

When I asked James how difficult it was to find the female clients, he replied with a deep laugh.