Some B8 cymbals actually record better than cymbals made of B20.

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I have a full set of Sabian B8's and a sabian aax xcelerator hi hat, and aax 16" fast xplosion crash.

Now because I don't have a finish cymbal setup, i asked to borrow my friend Paiste Pst 7 cymbals.

so tomorrow my band is recording a 3 track ep, which we had a week's notice/prep!

so in saying that, my current cymbal setup isn't finished.

Playing unfamiliar gear does not in my experience lead to a relaxed performance. Paiste plays the cymbals from different points on the cymbal and for each thickness and size of cymbal.

I would only swap out one piece of gear for another if the engineer/producer actually referenced something as sounding "off". Again I say there is probably nothing wrong with your current gear, it has character and you know how to play it.

Very controlled and very responsive for being such big cymbals, just like the Giant Beats are all multi-purpose, all multi-functional.

Yes, it does sound big, but as you know, John Robinson is a big guy playing big cymbals with very big sounds. Lots of volume but still a lot of response and a lot of attack …Now like I mentioned with the Modern Essentials, we are releasing some bigger sizes this year.

]) is a Swiss-based Estonian manufacturer and designer of cymbals.