Though they initially hit it off, he is quickly booted from her car and accused of being an attempted rapist after making a joke in reference to an unusual phone call she made earlier.Steve falls into a depression when he discovers that his ex-wife (Andrea Bendewald) is taking their daughter to live in another state with her new boyfriend, so Jim takes him bar-hopping, and they eventually find themselves in a gay bar.

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The project was originally funded by the American military interested in giving soldiers superhuman strength and ability on the battlefield, said Eythor Bender, chief executive officer of Ekso Bionics, based in Berkeley, California.

But about five years ago the developers realised the legs had "huge potential, especially for people with spinal injuries".

It seemed a shame there wasn't a place to see all of the Modern Love columns together. There is also of course an official archive, official RSS, as well as an official book. I would not recommend going the borrowed husband route, but I will admit it was interesting.

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Billy and the other residents, who idolize her, do everything in their power to prevent Jim from succeeding.

After misunderstanding directions, autistic Rodney (Nick Daley) continues to run with an egg in a spoon after finishing a race at the care facility, and meets and unwittingly inspires a number of different people.

"Our bodies are meant to be up and moving, not sitting around in a wheelchair, stagnant." While braces have been used to help people with walking problems for a long time, Mr Bender said the difference between them and the Ekso was similar to the difference between a bicycle and a motorbike.

Like anything unusual, be that a bike or a pair of skis, users have to learn how to make the Ekso work.

After overhearing Jim's pickup tips to Billy, Steve tries them out himself on his coworker, Lauren (Rosalie Ward), with surprising results.