The experiment had participants rate each profile on perceived responsiveness, attractiveness and the level of romantic interest they personally felt toward the target profile.

The results found that responsive targets were rated as more attractive following unresponsive targets, responsive targets were rated as even more responsive when following an unresponsive target, and that romantic interest increased for responsive profiles in the unresponsive first condition.

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Sam and Colby started out as just two band camp boys and have accelerated greatly on vine putting them on the top of the world. The two boys are very inspirational people from their attitudes towards the world, to the quotes they share on twitter.

Sam and Colby's fame started rocketing upwards when they posted a vine titled "Following Fat People".

Study 2 also limited the number of conditions, having only unattractiveness paired with high responsiveness.

Study 2 confirmed that responsiveness had a greater effect on perceived romantic interest than attractiveness if it was shown after an unresponsive profile. One critique of these studies is that participants were forced to choose between two options, however, these two options were not the same for every participant.

Furthermore it is possible that participants were more willing to rate an unattractive yet responsive target as more romantically appealing in order to avoid judgment from experimenters.

It is also likely that participants were engaging system two because they were under observation, which is something that might not occur outside of a laboratory setting.

They are not only loved just for their vines but for their personalities, humor, inspiration, support, and their good looks of course. They love that they have started off with touring around the U.

In modern society, online dating is becoming more prevalent, which creates an interesting dating dynamic because prospects can be compared side to side- you can literally swipe past someone who you view is flawed.

However our choice to swipe past is not limited to their physical and emotional characteristics but also the order in which potential dates are presented.