Interestingly, the OD occurred Sunday, during the time Wimbledon was on.

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Marat Safin is one of the more interesting players on the tour. And, apparently, porn-star boyfriend, according to Tennis-X. ” rumours, and one-time tennis #1 Martina Hingis are a couple?

Rumours of girls and booze and partying gives him a George Best-type aura. Sport needs these kinds of characters, otherwise it’s all too squeaky-clean. Jennifer Capriati is an eternal source of gossip from the tour. But, as the only news source to report the Jennifer was dating a blue-movie stud, they sadly were the only source I can find to de-bone (their words, not mine) the story. So it seems: Hingis confirmed the fact according to the Telegraph.

that's because it is -- and Da Bone has 443 films under Da Belt.

Da Bone claims Jen got horribly depressed every time a grand slam event went down.

If you are Gary Neville, how humiliated do you feel right now?

Here is a player who has won every honour at club level, won countless caps for his country, played in some of the most intimidating stadiums around the world.

Retired American tennis star Justin Gimelstob told U. TV that Capriati had struggled to cope with depression.

Gimelstob, a close friend of Capriati from the tennis circuit, said: 'With the heightened focus with Wimbledon and tennis being on everyone's radar, that makes her feel even worse.' 'She feels like the tennis world has deserted her.' Gimelstob, 35, added: 'She's in tremendous pain physically and mentally.

But there's something else that Da Bone says sent Jen on a downward spiral -- his recent return to porn ... Da Bone signed on with Vivid Entertainment to star in "Batman XXX: A Porn Parody." Da Bone tells TMZ after Jen OD'd, he called her in the hospital Sunday night and she was "hysterical" over his decision to return to XXX films.

But Da Bone says he doesn't believe Jen would try and kill herself.

The 34-year-old, who was found in a ‘dazed’ state on Sunday, is said to have swallowed a handful of pills in an attempt to end her life.