• November 18, 2005 PM How is such fraud a problem with Western Union's security?They're executing orders exactly as their customers ask.

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• November 18, 2005 PM @antibozo Pretty much the same thing can be said about ebay.

As long as the crooks pay their ebay fees, ebay doesn't have a lot of motivation to do anything about auction fraud.

Also, Compatiblepoker is not affiliated with Western Union and does not suggest to use it for gaming transactions where deemed illegal.

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First, I have seen posted for a while notices advising persons sending money out that they should not be sending money for the reasons listed in the article as being scams.

Second, I agree with antibozo that Western Union profits by being used as a conduit in these illegal scams, but I hardly feel that alone constitutes complicity.Western Union is very easy to use but the fees kind of suck. players only) Before we start there are some basic tips you need to know about Western Union before depositing into your account. From there you will see a button that says, “Instructions on how to send us money through Western Union.” You need to click that. Bet Online will then email you a NAME that you are going to send the money too.Here are some tips for depositing using Western Union and also the steps to signing up. It will be something like “Jordan Martinez” and the country will usually be Costa Rica or something like that. If you don’t already have a Western Union account you will need to now sign up at You will now enter the NAME that Bet Online sent you through the email. After you send the money you MUST copy the MTCN number and verify it at the Western Union deposit page at poker stars. It generally takes around 30 minutes if you do it during the day time.By that logic, the company which rented the truck to Timothy Mc Veigh was complicit in the OK City bombing.The larger problem here is the lage number of people who are both stupid and greedy.More than 3 million was swindled in 2002 from U. residents through wire transfer fraud to Canada alone, according to a survey conducted by investigators in seven states.