Nokia 7110 – the first effort (WAP) at taking the Internet onto a mobile (1999) 18.Kyocera VP210 – the first mobile offering video telephony (1999) 19.

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Ericsson T36 – the first mobile with blue-tooth (2000) 24.

Samsung SPH-M100 – the first mobile with MP3 player (2000) 25.

Orbitel 901 – the first GSM mobile and the first to receive a commercial SMS text message (1992) 6.

Motorola 3200 – the first GSM hand portable (1992) 7.

Sharp J-SH04 – first to discover the consumer love affair with the camera phone (2001) 28.

Matsushita P2101V – World’s First 3G Mobile Phone and use of 2100 MHz spectrum (2001) 29.Here you can access the best HD & high-definition mobile porn videos on any major smart-phone or hand held devices such as, android, i Os, i Phones, tablets, phablets and others! It doesn't take a genius to hook up your smart phone with endless xxx porn!com is the premier mobile porn channel offering a damn near infinite selection of all the hottest high-quality porno sex videos ever's all online and free for the taking!All our xxx movies and dirty skin flicks are already optimized and fitted to play perfectly on your screen at just a touch of a button. Wise up your smart phone and get access to's entire catalogue of free porn movies and videos right in your pocket!Nokia 1011 – Nokia’s first GSM hand portable (1992) 8.