One also needs to check the host file and no entry for gs. Enter the command and press Enter/Return and enter the password used to sign in your computer when prompted and press the enter button.Terminal will then show the hosts files seen below.This device is not eligible for the requested build error message can occur if you are trying to update or downgrade your device with a firmware file Apple employed to stop signing.i Tunes can also throw up an unexpected error namely 3194 in case there is a connectivity issue with the update server.

3194 when updating iphone-76

Then you need to download the software and connect your i Phone and close i Tunes in case it pops open automatically.

You need to then check the Tiny Umbrella and click on the Start TSS server.

Zkouším to co tu je, ale nevím jak udělat (co tím myslíš? Zdar zkousel jsem vsechny navody ale porad to hazu tuto chybu,ios 5.0.1,i pri updatu na 5.1,tss zapnuty,zkousel jsem vse!

) - Přidejte následující řádky na samé dno souboru hosts:tak mě to napsalo po docela nadějné době chybu 1600, to jsem tu jeste nevidel ze by někomu napsalo Predtim jsem zkousel dat fw 4.3.1 ale to se nedostal přes 3194, až s fw 4.3.3 a všema radama zde, ale pak ta 1600. a jelikoz v dobe psani tohodle navodu jeste nebylo 4.3.5 tak uz neni platnej a pokud chcete udelat downgrade musite mit hl SHSH ulozene a pridat onen radek do HOSTS nebo pouzit TSS server...

If you encounter i Tunes error 3194 when updating i OS 9.3.1, read on how to fix it right here.

You’re probably trying to update your i Phone to the latest i OS 9.3.1 using i Tunes but kept getting error 3194 on i Tunes.

Please remember to save your SHSH blobs, unless Cydia has stored them for you.

In case you are getting error 3194 while restoring or updating the i OS in i Phone, i Pad or i Pod, here’s how you can resolve the error.

This could be a problem with the hosts file which can be used to fix it.

You can also fix i Tunes error 3194 for a Jailbroken i Phone using Tiny Umbrella. This method is part of the 3194 error fix foe downgrade of i OS firmware, works for an update too.

Place your i Phone in DFU and in case you are updating the firmware, you need to click a combination and point to i OS ipsw files.