They also make me remember how unlikeable some of those characters were, like creepy fuck Kenji shown above, or like main cast character Yukari, who honestly is annoying (but entirely realistic! 3) Your teachers are still incompetent One of the common threads running through P3 and P4 (and P5? Who can forget the extremely crabby Japanese-with-a-New-York-accent Mr. Kashiwagi, who came pretty close to showing her cooch to the entire class on her very first day?

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You could argue that’s not quite what you’re doing, but you totally are.

Nothing illegal is suggested, but the real litmus test in my opinion is whether the same scenario presented in this social link would have worked if the characters’ sexes had been reversed.

You can also dress up all three in fantasy-style bikini armor, which is prominently featured in Tartarus early on in glowing yellow chests.

Of course, I had to use this armor, because it was the best around at the time. Okay, so maybe the fanservice isn’t all that surprising, but I wonder about the point of it.

Thus, the female protagonist’s XXII hairclip/band thing.

There’s no way in hell it’s a coincidence, and it’s just one of the subtle details the artist/character designer quietly slipped into the game. 2) Interlocking social link routes If you played P3 vanilla or P3 FES, you should absolutely play as the girl first.My guess is that Atlus would have removed social link the fuck out of the game as quickly as possible.5) Fanservice and more fanservice The Persona games seem to be unique among the Shin Megami Tensei family for featuring a small degree of fanservice.whatever) isn’t something most people would look at twice. But there something significant about it: it’s a mark of her identity.It takes the form of two X’s and two straight lines.These bits of fanservice usually sit out of the way of the normal course of the game (i.e.